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Always be Makin'...

I have spent most of my life doing two things at once. My thinking has always been that I have a limited time on earth and too many things I want to accomplish. It’s almost like when I reach a goal, I am already working on another one.

When I graduated from The Art Institute in New York City, my goal was to work at a large company and learn as much as I could. After achieving this before I even graduated, I would spend nights working on my passion project, video game blogging. After just a year of attending conventions and events and doing press coverage for them, I was on a plane to Redmond, WA to work as a User Interface Designer at Microsoft. Pulling late nights at work and traveling to video conventions was a dream come true for me, but after three years I was ready to achieve more goals.

Traveling became part of who I was so much so that I wanted to travel the world and experience life in another country. So I packed my bags and moved to Santiago, Chile to cross off two goals from my bucket list – work at a video game startup and live abroad.

During my time there, I wore many hats on a small team and did everything from design to marketing to customer support (skills that would come in handy later on). My multi-tasking nature did not die in South America. In fact, I turned my hobby for photography into work.

After work and on weekends, you could find me at gigs I got as a photographer at different venues throughout Chile photographing DJs like Gui Boratto and bands like Infected Mushroom. After almost a year, the company was bought out and I was ready to head back home.

When arriving back in Florida, I spent some time getting acclimated to my new home. Because I’ve been in such a tech heavy culture, I found it difficult to find jobs that fit so I began to freelance to companies out west. My life changed when I got my first e-commerce client and helped her market her products. I felt it was so amazing to have an idea and that people were actually willing to pay for it!

I began to play with the idea of creating products and finding people that would want them. I started off with jewelry and recycled items which I sold at local art walks and on Etsy. I began to grow as an artist and started painting again and created prints that I have sold on Deviant Art, Etsy, and Red Bubble.

Today, you can find me running a speaking business during the day and at night creating create art projects and documenting my journey on YouTube. 

I also started Candy’s Circus – a shop based on my clown character — Candy!