ANDYMADE is a shop created by designer Andy C Avellan

“Always Be Making”
We a passion for constantly making new things, Andy started this shop while still working as a freelance digital designer as an outlet for her creativity. 
Thank you for being here! And Let’s get making!
Our Story.

While working as a freelancer, Andy C started ANDYCMADE to create eclectic and tropical home decor items she wanted to purchase for her home. Starting off on RedBubble, this grew into full-fledged collections she now releases every three months.

Our Vision.

ANDYCMADE aims to be more than a shop, but a way the community connects through design. Andy has plans to create a creative apartment complex with a coworking space with a MADE SHOP that will sell and featured items made by local artists and artisans.

Our Mission.

“Always be Making” is out mottto and we want to spread this to the world. No matter what others say, always make things with your heart. This is the way we fullfill our humanity and give back to the world, by creating!


ANDYCMADE is an art home decor & apparel store that partners up with printing companies in the United States using print on demand technology. This simply means that each product is created when you order it. This method creates little waste and helps the environment. I a huge proponent for sustainability and want to set an example for how products should be sourced.

I believe that we should print our products on demand until we see that our products have created the demand necessary to warrant wholesale mass production. Using old methods of production causes millions of products to end up in landfills every year, create massive pollution from manufacturing them, and often put their creators in the red without having enough customers buying them.

ANDYCMADE products are made to give your home an eclectic tropical vibe with positive messages that support self love, sustainability, and growth.